Introduction of SRF-I Oil Saving Device for Boilers

(Patent No.ZL 2006 2 0048121.4)

I. Brief introduction of our product

SRF-I Oil Saving Device for Boilers is one of the series of high-tech oil saving products developed by our R&D technicians. Instead of using additives, the device functions via high techs that effectively splits the connection between different types of molecules composing the fuel to increase the number of molecules and pin-shapes the molecules to reach new sequence so that the oil flows could be more dense and even. In that way, the contact between the oil globule and the air could be enhanced and the two could be more evenly mixed so that the effect of atomization could be enhanced resulting in thorough combustion of the fuel that lead to higher heat utilization, and eventually the goal of oil saving could be achieved. Meanwhile, the thorough combustion of fuel also reduces the exhaustion of polluted gas.

On January 18,2005, SRF-I Oil Saving Device for Boilers was certified as the first oil saving product (non additive) that exceeds the criteria set for resource saving products by the Resource Utilization Assessment Center of the Water Carriage Industry of Ministry of Transportation, the authoritative certification unit of China. (Assessment Report attached)

The birth of SRF-I Oil Saving Device for Boiler would be a beginning of a new age for utilizing the resources in a more efficient way.

II. Effect

1.       The installation of SRF-I Oil Saving Device of Boilers would completely eliminate the instability of the boiler’s functioning, facilitate thorough fuel combustion, enhance the hear of the flames and thus increase the temperature within the boiler instantly, and eventually enhance the efficiency of hear utilization. According to the oil/water computation, the oil-saving effect could be around 4%-7%.

2.       In view of the increase in temperature within the boiler as well as the enhancement in heat utilization, adjustment to the combustion standards of the boiler would be required to minimize the energy waste. The adjustment could be done as follows. 

1)      Turn down the pressure for oil inflow to reduce the amount of oil inflow, until the temperature of exhaust fume was reduced to 220 degrees centigrade and the flame appears orange. (one-kilogram reduce in pressure would result in 6% decline in oil inflow)

2)      Adjust the size of the nozzle to control the inflow of the oil until the temperature was reduced to 220 degrees centigrade and the flame appears orange. (reduce in size of nozzle by one would result in 4% decline in oil inflow)

Significantly reduce the maintenance expenses of the boilers, reduce the exhaustion of polluted gas, and gradually split and eliminate the fuel residue and carbon residue left in the boiler so as to effectively prolong the life of the boiler.

III. Scope of Application (SRF-I)

Fuel boilers 0.1T/H~15T/H (diesel, chemical oil, fuel)

Diesel generator set.

IV. Able to function for 50,000 hours continually (unless damaged due to manmade causes or used in an inappropriate way)

V. Illustration for the installation

Illustration for the installation            

of SRF Oil Saving Device for Boilers

Illustration for the installation 
of SRF Oil Saving Device for car & Diesel generator set